Mrs Popcorn’s Garden, Hsipaw, Burma (Myanmar)

Be prepared, once you’ll get here you don’t want to leave anymore!

Mrs Popcorn (or it might be here daughter) offer delicious watermelon on your arrival and fried yellow beans with your drink. This could be strawberry-(milk)shake or refreshing mint-lime juice or mixed fruit juice of the day (season).
Mrs. Popcorn knows how to make you happy with her very welcoming attitude. You’ll sit in bamboo seats in the shadow of mango (?) trees and little beach-like umbrellas. Kids playing between the banana shreds, cats sleeping in the shade, butterflies in the air.
I went here twice to have some more delicious juices and shakes for as much as 1000 ky (~1$) each. The second time we also went for food and got a huge portion of rice with delicious chicken curry and three kind of veggies. It was a lot, it was soooo good.
Ingredients come mostly from the garden or the close surroundings, thus offer varies with the seasons.
She offers Shan black bean coffee, too. Very good coffee and I got it iced, a nice caffeine boost just before heading to the Nat shrine Sao Pu Sao Nai and a small temple area called little Bagan on my rosty bicycle.

Photos of the place can already be found on my Instagram. More pictures will follow!



Tiger with offers on Nat shrine Sao Pu Sao Nai, Hsipaw
P1030060Bamboo Buddha (covered with many layers of gold leaves) in the Bamboo Buddha Monastery (Maha Nanda Kantha), Hsipaw
P1030034Stupa with a tree growing out of it (Eissa Paya), Hsipaw
P1030042Pagoda/Paya in Little Bagan area, Hsipaw
P1030078Railway (yes, the Mandalay-Lashio railway), Hsipaw
P1030080Sweet boys posing for the lens, Hsipaw

written by Stephanie Huber
Photography by Stephanie Huber
all rights on text and photo reserved.
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