Bako Nationalpark, Malaysia


Impressions from Bako Nationalpark

To get to the Bako Nationalpark I took the public bus in Kuching. It takes about 40 minutes to reach the village where the jetty is and where you pay your park entry fee and the ferry ticket. And then you wait. In the morning I kicked my ass to get up early to take the first bus at 7am. I was a bit disappointed and yes, I admit upset, in the first moment when I learned that we will wait for the lazy 8am bus people because the ferries (small boats for about 6 people) only leave when full. I think I learned some patience during he past months i spent here in Asia, so this is actually just a normal fact. I decided to use the given time and have a coffee. Take it easy.

At the park headquarter I had to register my arrival and which trails I was going to take. I choose the trail leading to Paku beach (telok), as the chances to spot the proboscis monkeys should be quite high. The walk was nice through very dense and humid rainforest. Unfortunately, I didn’t stop when I heard apes moving up in the trees. They were probably the proboscis monkeys I hoped to see at the beach, what I didn’t. The beach, however, was nice, looked quite rough, secluded between huge rocks.

From Paku beach I joined a spanish couple and their guide for taking the boat to drive to Telok Pandan Kecil (small Pandan beach). On the boat ride, the guide pointed out some rock formation on the see that looked like faces, snakes etc.

Landed or better walked through the shallow water from the boat to the beach, I climbed the high rock that was a nice viewpoint and the ‘start’ of further trails. On the rock I met two swiss girls from the french part and I could practice french. We walked together to the viewpoint above telok Pandan besar but we split up on the way back when I choose to take the longer part of Lintang Trail. This was a good decision as it took me through a few quite different vegetation zones.

I had to hurry a bit as the park staff told me that the last boat would leave at 3pm. But when I heard the noise of monkeys moving on leaves and branches, this time I stopped and tried to spot them. Unluckily, the where a bit far and high up in the trees so that I couldn’t get a nice photos. Maybe there is a nice shot on a video I took. On the further wa back I also encountered a mini snake. Back at the HQ, a bit after 3pm, there was no problem signing up for the last bot, at 4pm.

the last pictures shows one of a few fishing nets that where installed in the ‘rivers’ (it’s actually the sea) between the ptk and the village.





Written by Stephanie Huber

Photography by Stephanie Huber

all rights on text and photo reserved.






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