Bako Natinalpark, Malaysia


Impressions from my day trip to Bako Nationalpark

To go to the park you take a public bus that takes about 40 minutes to get to the village jetty point where you purchase your park and ferry ticket. I took the first bus in the morning, departing at 7am and was quite disappointed by the fact that we had to wait at the jetty for the passengers arriving with the 8am bus because the ferry only departs when full – or with appropriate extra money…

At the park you register your entry and the routes your willing to explore. I choose a route leading to Paku beach (Telok) where Spotting of proboscis monkey should be very probable. The walk was nice and interesting, the beach was secluded, but I didn’t see any of these monkeys. Unfortunately, I did not stop and watch for the apes when I heard their moving in the trees while on the walk.

From the beach I could join a spanish couple and their guide for the boat to drive to the small Pandan beach. On the water, the guide pointed out some interesting rock formations. A huge rock formation was next to the beach. I climbed it and had a very nice view. Here I met two swiss girls from the french part and could practice my french. We walked together to another view point (above Telok Pandan besar) that was not very exciting. On the way back, we split up because I choose to take the other direction of Lintang trail, the longer one. It was a nice walk to many different vegetation zones and towards the end I heard again the monkeys in the trees and stopped and tried spotting them. I saw them, but only quite far up in the trees. I had to hurry a bit because I was told the last boat from the park would leave at 3pm. On my way back I also encountered a mini snake.

Back at the headquarter, I booked my boat, the last one that was at 4pm, so hurrying around for nothing and saw some more small monkeys in a tree next to the HQ.

THe last pictures shows a fish trap (nets).




image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image


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