If I hadn’t to work I would be at home doing my creative stuff, cleaning up my room and my mind and preparing my travel.

But I am not. I’m sitting in the office, the sky is grey and rainy, makes me tired and I’d wish I could already go home. I’d take a hot bath with essential oils, a herbal tea, read a good book in the flickering light from the candles around.

But I am still in the office. And then, DP grants me three wishes.

Number one: no more work today and go home. But this seems to easy. I’d don’t feel like spending these three precious wishes so easily.

So, let’s rub the wonderlamp:

#1 – I wish to not encounter serious problems or injuries during my travels. I look forward to provide my family and friends with news and to come home healthy and safe, whenever it might be.

#2 – The eternal wish: Cure and health for my sister.

#3 – Three more wishes.

#1 – Health for family and friends.

#2 – No more worries.

#3 – Peace and food for everyone!


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