Able to Fly

Why traveling? Why this blog?

In my opinion the question “Why traveling?” has no importance. Important is that you do it. You’ll get the answer as soon as you left your warm and intimate nest. Probably I will get further into this subject later on. To answer the second question, this should rather ask:

Why traveling AND blogging?

I am planning my next trip. And I will do it alone. Whereas alone doesn’t mean that I will not see any person while on the road. Alone – for me – means that I will leave my well known environment on my own. No best friend, no sister, no boyfriend, no colleague. I will be free to decide which direction I choose. Which hostel and how long my stay will be. And, I can do this without any reason, there is no legitimation need and I will not need to explain myself.

But, also it means that there will be no discussion on long bus transfers about the new girlfriend of a best friend or about the New Year’s Eve party when we get wasted. There will not be any person that knows who or how I am at home, that knows my friends, my boyfriend, my family and my secrets.

Many people will cross my road and probably I will accompany them on their way and they me on mine. Some will become friends, might be that there will develop a deep friendship that will last much longer than the common travel. With these people I’ll be connected to long after my travel ended. They’ll remember my travel-Ego. But if, by chance, they come from my region and I can meet them once and then for a coffee, then I will reminisce about our shared time far away from home and on how travel went on when the roads divided up. Memories that my beloved friends and family cannot share.

This blog is for my beloved ones at home. I will update the ones that are interested with where I am, what I’ve seen, what I’m planning to do. I will also link this with my photographs on Flickr (if internet is working well). Sure that my most intimate surrounding will receive private emails too 🙂 But this blog is also for everyone interested in the regions I plan to visit, that have been at the same places or plan to go there. Probably I will be able to give you some advises on how-to / what to avoid / what to make better / what to not miss.

It’s up to you to follow this little perky girl during her Southeast Asia trip in spring-summer 2014.


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